Now watch me whip….


Sorry, I could not help myself. It is so catchy!

“A sudden jerk, or jolt, from someone or something that usually causes injury.” We have all heard of someone sustaining whiplash from a car accident; that itself is quite common I would think. However, that is not the only form of whiplash that many people experience.

Relationship whiplash.

Romantic and platonic relationships are both susceptible to this. Back and forth, back and forth. Some toxic relationships jump back and forth between great and awful. Sometimes they disappear and just as soon as you get use to being without them…BOOM! They are back.

Psychologist and author, Dr. Levine, says, “The unpredictability takes a toll on you. It can make you anxious, nervous, or depressed when you don’t know what to expect from a friend whom you are supposed to rely on.”

I call that PFSD. Post Friendship Stress Disorder. It messes with your head. It messes with your heart. A part of you wants to cut it out like a cankerous cancer. Block them out on every level. That is only one part of you though. The other part forces you to hold on, knuckles scraped and bruised from holding on so tightly. The part of you that knows that the relationship is one of the best when both parties cooperate. That the friendship is great when they put in effort and recriprocate respect and love.

But it never lasts. Not really.

You know they only come back to you for a recharge. A pick me up of sorts. It goes back to a previous post of being an old book.

You allow the injury to continue. The whiplash is your fault for turning your heart head.

And they know that. 


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