Meet Jaimie

Photo Mar 27, 12 07 19 PM

Hello! My name is Jaimie.

I grew up all over the world thanks to my father and the United States Air Force.

I am the proud mother of a green-eyed boy and a brown-eyed little girl. I am a published author and career editor. I co-own a coffeehouse and publishing company in middle GA. I am an alum of Troy University with degrees in English Literature and Psychology. I love to travel, bake, watch soccer, and win trivia competitions.

Thanks for taking the time to catch a glimpse of my heart!

Jaimie E. Miller is an author of three poetry collections: The Skeleton Key, The Poet’s Gift, and The Siren’s Song. Her novels and children’s books Don’t Forget You Love Me, Little Liam, Huggable Holdyn, Everything I Never Told You, and The Long Way Home are available for purchase.

Jaimie is also the co-founder Humans of Houston County, a community outreach movement in central Georgia.  As a co-owner of Between Friends Publishing, a publishing service that works with indie authors across the globe, Jaimie stays busy with her many passions in the publishing industry.

Jaimie’s work has been featured in various poetry collections throughout the years, as well as local newspapers, journals, and websites. Jaimie lives in Georgia with her family.