Where does the love go?

As we enter the holiday season, I have decided to share some of my old poetry on this site.

We all have those friendships and relationships that dissolve over time. Sometimes there is an argument that ends the relationship, other times it just ceases in one way or another. For some people the ending is painful, while others may not even realize they have lost something.

“We aren’t splitting pots and pans,
We aren’t dividing the dishes.
And as much as you might want to,
This still goes against my wishes.

People aren’t made of steel,
Even though we all claim to be.
We are more like glass when we break,
As we fall piece by piece.

So when a friendship ends,
Who gets what’s at the end of the road?
In my heart this feels like a divorce,
When there’s nowhere else to go.

No, we aren’t dividing weekends
Or children every other night.
But how is it any different
When life no longer feels right?

You only get one chance,
One shot at a happy life.
So you gotta do what’s best for you;
Do whatever you feel is right.

No, we aren’t signing papers
And we aren’t fighting in court.
But man, why does it hurt so bad?
Why is this the last resort?

You will keep these friends
An I will keep my own,
But answer this one question:
Where does the love go?

Do we box it up and hope
Someone else finds peace with it?
Do we split it right down the middle
Just like we have with our commitment?

We cannot divide the sides of town
Or the people we both claim.
Not that it really matters;
They’ve all taken sides anyways.

Now we’re supposed to walk right past one another
Without so much as a smile or a hello.
Just answer me this one last question:
Where does the love?”

Jaimie Elizabeth Miller
December 13th, 2010


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