We belong to each other

I love Mother Teresa. I love her wisdom and her determination. So many of her words echo throughout my life. I have many that I like, but one in particular is my favorite: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” I love to wear my “We Belong to Each Other” tshirt. Heck, I even have the phrase tattooed on my arm. It has changed my life since I began applying it to my day to day interactions.

The event in Las Vegas this week broadcasted that phrase to the world. In those moments of terror, everyone belonged to each other. There were no enemies based on color, religion, beliefs, politics, lifestyle, etc. We all belonged to each other. I cannot help but wonder what went through the minds of the victims who passed away. Did they have words left unsaid? Apologies they desperately needed to hear? Hugs left ungiven? Time not yet spent? They certainly did not think that they would not see the sun rise. They were free, lost in the words of the music, and suddenly their lives were ripped from this world. Fifty-eight people who belonged to us are dead. Think of all of the people who loved them and will never get to tell them those words again. All of the people who admired them, perhaps had a crush on them, maybe even needed to ask for forgiveness from them. Thousands upon thousands of lives have been changed and no one saw it coming.

Yet we all live in a world where we don’t know when our last second will be. In a world where we don’t know which breath will be our last. We leave words unsaid and adventures left unpursued. We let egos rule the day and anger and judgement set the table. But when someone you love dies, those things become choking reminders of what could have been. Not many people wish for more time to hate and berate someone, rather we ache for more time to make amends and love more.

I want to live my life where people will know how much I love them, a life full of adventure, and a life where people know that “we belong to each other” is more than just works inked on a page and skin.

Because we belong to each other, my friends. Even when we don’t want to.


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