Spoken word 

“You wore a crown of vines and thorns;
I wore one of lies and scorn.
You asked to trade
And I said no way;
There’s too much shame,
Too much pain.
There’s never enough hours in a day!
My past, my list of sins can’t get any better;
Certainly you can’t forgive this debtor.
I’m broke, I’ve run out of options;
I’m just another has been:
A dead beat poet
Whose welcome’s been worn thin.
I’m out on a limb
And your hand pushes through the trees.
You say ‘it’s ok, it’s me,
I’m here to set you free!’
I said you don’t understand,
This was never part of the plan!
You are just a man!
Why do You think you can?
You answered: I Am.

I felt myself falling,
Your name I kept calling.
Where is the ground?
I need to lie down.
Lord give me rest before I drown.
I’m under pressure,
I’m overwhelmed!
My shop is sinking,
There’s no one at the helm.
Just Who are You anyway?
You know I never learned to pray.
What exactly do you portray?
Some call you a lion,
Some call you a lamb.
To me it’s always been some sort of scam.
No ever ever gave a damn.
Is anyone out there?
Anyone that cares?
You said: I Am.

I can’t keep fighting-
I’m spinning out of control.
There’s got to be an easier way!
I’m always being led astray!
Are you here to save the day?
Some call you Jesus,
Some call you the One.
Look, I’m sorry for all that I’ve done.
Can you make me better?
Can you heal my broken heart?
I’m in too many pieces,
Can you put me back part by part?
You say it’s a long road
And that the burden is tight,
But you’ll help me carry it;
You’ll wrap me in light.
And I’ll never be alone;
You’ll always be at my side.
Nothing can defeat you-
Not even the day that you died.
I’m all in:
I’m starting to breathe again.
You are the eternal music,
The one composer of all men.
You paid the price for all sin!
In the end you win!
Love always wins…
When I did all that I could,
You did all You said You would.
You did the impossible
Time and time again:
And I’m better because of you.
I am.”


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