Pick your battles

Growing up my mom always told me that she would pick her battles. When I became a parent, she told me the very same thing: learn to pick battles. Liam has always been a very laid-back, kind and gentle child. However, he has a stubborn streak. He generally listens very well and will obey me, but I can tell that sometimes he just does not want to. I can literally see it in his eyes as he fights to obey me. Our main struggle lately has become cleaning up for nap and/or bed time. Holdyn has become the same way. She is our strong-willed child; call it “second-child syndrome.” She just turned two years old less ta month ago, and oh my, she gets more stubborn by the day. We choose to see that quality as a blessing. She is determined and strong, just about fearless and enjoys trying new things. At the same time, she is liberal with her affection and knows how to work our love.

I have learned to pick my battles on what my kids wears. It is okay with me if Holdyn is mismatched sometimes. It is okay with me if Liam likes to dance in the middle of Target. I don’t even make them take a bath every night. They sleep in our room half as much as they sleep in their own.

It’s all about keeping my house peaceful and understanding that my children are only little once. I appreciate them and all of the little things about them, even the things that drive me a little crazy.

I am sitting here typing this as they snuggle on the couch watching Disney’s “Doc McStuffins.” They can entertain themselves in just about any situation we are in and for that, I am thankful. I have a little girl who already idolizes her big brother and I want her to have a good example to look up to.

I am not saying that we should let our children run wild and be disrespectful,  because those are not allowed in the Miller house. We correct the bad behavior without making our children feel that they themselves are bad. We as parents choose to pick which battles we want to conquer head on, as a team.

1. Establish rule
2. Establish appropriate consequences
3. Reconnect after the punishment is over (Hugs, kisses, say ‘I’m sorry,’ and ask for forgiveness)
4. Reward good/positive behavior

It is ok to make mistakes Yes, even parents make mistakes many, many times! When we do, it is important to acknowledge our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Yes, even if that means apologizing to our children and asking for their forgiveness. Why is that so shocking?!

Again, this is all part of the adventure!


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