There is something so spiritual about the ocean.
I imagine the hundreds of years full of millions of people who stood on decks searching the horizon for the thin strip of land, a ray of hope, a glimpse of their nearing future. I imagine loved ones who have passed on simply relaxing on the other shore, waving effortlessly as I strain to see them.  I imagine the bountiful life that lives beneath the raging waves and the perfect streaks of sun that lights the path of those who call the ocean home.

There is something so spiritual about the ocean. 

Realizing that in one simple second, the ocean can become a death sentence. The ocean can suck you in, take your breath away, return you, both metaphorically and literally, to the sea. It is an unparalleled danger zone; an untackled collection of demise at times. Yet it is paradise, an Eden of dreams, a reflection of our very chaotic souls; a battle of all that is good and all that is wrong with the world.

There is something so spiritual about the ocean.


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