Musings while I wait.

Something broke in us that day.
We fell apart. Slowly. Little by little.
Like ice under the water, it cut silently our existence.

We didn’t know it at the time,
Small cracks, minute chips, expanded.
Like a crevice in a rock, it became a cliff.

The pain was invisible at first.
Ache that throbbed all over.
Like a quaking heart, it eventually rattled the cage.

Tears spilled over the brim.
No longer trapped in the vessel.
Emotions became chaotic, it became a flooded river.

We put up walls.
Chink by chink, brick by brick.
Vulnerability is no more, for it drowned in the pain.

Too far gone to save.
Our relationship had passed away.
Forever, it has been buried in the past.

We crave closeness with people who spurn us.
The ones no good for us;
We yearn for them until it becomes impossible to move on.


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