“You were there in the background of my dream. You were zipping your coat up and I noticed that you were having trouble. I watched you struggle until you got it. Then you walked out the door into the freezing cold outside. You never saw me in my dream. I just saw you. 

In my dream I was in a store checking out at the register. I had bought you a birthday present for your surprise party later that day. I suppose it was early morning in my dream. 

Time passes quickly, as only it can in a dream, and you were missing. You never showed up to your party. In my dream I could see you out there in the forest; cold, afraid, lost. I went looking for you. I wandered for what felt like forever, though time in a dream is so unnatural. I could see you, snow blowing across your face. Your blue eyes sparkling in the way they always danced when you were having an adventure. I could not get to you. I had no voice to call out to you. Suddenly, it was almost as if you were looking right through me when you smiled. Then I watched you float away into the distance. 

I never got to say goodbye.”

Though this was a dream from the other night, unfortunately it was also true. We are never guaranteed those precious desired goodbyes that our hearts will always long for, no matter how difficult they may be to process. We long for closure.

We never truly know when or if we will see our loved ones again. Put aside all arguments, disagreements, talk through hurt feelings, shove pride to the side, make time, and create understanding and memories. One day memories will be all you have left of some people.


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