Friendly fire

This is so hard to learn at any age. It is difficult to accept because it is so difficult to weed out the ones who do not truly care. They seem genuine, but all they really want is for you to be able to do things for them. When you need something, they are nowhere to be found. Are you dealing with someone like that in your life? Are you that someone in someone else’s life?

“Man, it’s like friendly fire
Accidental, yet the price is still pain.
You say it wasn’t your intention,
But you have the steadiest of aim. 

For you I walked a thin wire,
Eggshells are too fine a line to tow. 
I thought we were forever friends,
So now where does the love go?

Let’s divide up memories,
Let’s devise a plan.
Well take them two by two 
Since you really don’t know where you stand. 

I’m only good when you need somebody,
So who’s gonna be your somebody now?
Don’t call me in a day or two,
Thinking we can work this out. 

I struggled with this decision,
One that took me too long to reach. 
Maybe now you can find others your own speed,
Maybe now I can find some peace. 

Who’s always the first casualty of war?
Yea, It’s always the innocent. 
You never meant what you said
And you never said what you meant.”

(JEM 7/10/15)



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