Bucket List

The concept of a Bucket List has always been so fascinating to me. (Perhaps that is the morose and melancholic side of me!) The great thing about a list of goals, dreams, and/or wishes is that it can be changed as you live. The fluidity and flexibility of such a list is what makes it all your own unique creation.

How synonymous with life!

-Publish a book of my poetry
-Ride a gondola in Venice
-Spend time in Florence and Rome
-Publish a novel
-Take a walk in the hillsides of Ireland
-Visit the 9/11 memorial in NYC now that it is finished (I went when they began it)
-Get my Master’s degree
-Get my Doctorate
-Play with an elephant (They are incredibly fascinating!)
-Learn to play the piano
-Break 150 mph in a car
-Swim with dolphins
-Ride horses down the beach at sunset
-Hit a homerun
-Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
-Release butterflies
-Be in two places at once
-Learn to speak Italian
-Get thrown out of a sporting event

Some people seem to think that a Bucket List can only be created and accomplished once you have a death sentence or when your time is, metaphorically, running out. I think that a Bucket List is merely a wish list of adventures and/or goals that you can complete alone, with loved ones, etc. When you complete your list, or even in the middle of your list, add to it. Let it be never ending!

C’mon, live a little! Live a lot!

After all, it is all part of the adventure!


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