A rose by any other name

I love the names we chose for our children. The more I think about it, did we really choose them or is that who they were always supposed to be?

So much time goes into picking a name. Some people have names for their future children only to find out that as we get older, our name preferences change. Sometimes names seem better and worse when we already know someone with that name. You have to think about how the first, middle, and last names will flow. You have to think about which little nicknames will result from the name you choose. You have to think about how it will sound when read out loud at Graduation in front of thousands of people. Or when shouted out loud when they’re in trouble! (I always knew I was in trouble when my full name was used!)

We may not have chosen popular names for our children at the time;  some people did give us grief. However, I know they are beyond perfect for my two blessings!

Liam Michael Miller:  When I hear the name Liam I think of strength. It is an Irish name meaning “strong-willed warrior, unwavering protector.” I knew I was having a boy from the moment I saw the positive test. When Wes and I made our separate lists of names, we both had Liam on our lists and we knew it was right. In fact, we never came up with a girl name because we knew in our hearts it was a boy. Michael comes from his daddy: Wesley Michael Miller. Liam is also after my mom whose middle name is Lee and a friend who passed away whose middle name was also Lea.

You see, a name serves so many purposes.

Holdyn Elizabeth Miller: The name Holden has always been a favorite of mine. Yes, it was on my list of boy’s names when we decided on Liam. It means “kind, gracious” and also “deep valley.” It is of English origin and yes, I fist heard it as a small child when my mom would watch As the World Turns and the character Holden stole the hearts of many women. To me it reminds me of the word “beholden.” I am beholden to God for His perfect gifts of my two children. The “deep valley” part comes from my pregnancy. It was hard and surgery at 14 weeks could have killed my daughter. However, not having surgery wasn’t an option either; she ran out of room to grow because an ovarian cyst that was bigger than my precious baby was pushing her out of the way. It was terrifying and I never felt out of that valley until she was in my arms. We changed the ‘e’ to a ‘y’ to feminize it a little and from the moment I saw her in that OR, I knew her name was perfect. She is beautiful and her smile lights up a room. Her middle name comes from me, Jaimie Elizabeth, as well as her aunt, Joy Elizabeth. (Joy, Wes’ older sister, passed away a few days after she was born. To carry on her name makes it even more special.) A name defines one’s self, whether we mean for it to or not.

Altogether, a name is something we call our very own.   


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