“It can come dressed in white lily lace,
Wrapped with the golden bow of solid treasure.
There is but one key to the lock
That seals Pandora’s box.

It whispers beautiful music
That causes you to dance wildly,
Taking you back to a time
Where you felt most alive.

So you invite it in…

You timidly peer inside
As it gently beckons you further.
A hand reaches out and without question,
You accept the invitation inside.

The door closes with a SLAM!
And you are enveloped in darkness.
Shrill, cold things go bump in the night
And you want out of the mess.

But it’s too late….

We tolerate the love we think we deserve:
Even if it is full of pain,
As it brandishes a whip of iron
That binds our heart in chains.

We accept the disrespect we justify,
Even though we give all we can.
We seek out those who hurt us
Just so we can feel something again.

We wrestle with chaotic emotions
That cause a hurricane to commence.
A volcanic eruption of sorts
That will never make much sense.

So we nurse our resulting wounds
‘Til they start to fester and bleed.
When they crack, we search all over
For the bandage of healing we need.

We yearn for the numbing control
We find in an old, conditional friend.
But we throw the bottle away
When it’s not the solace we crave from them.

We inhale the smoke from
All that passes by.
But you can’t choke down the past
When it feels like day old lies.

We drown in the memories
That our mind will never let die.
Even though we bury them,
They have a way of rising too high.

Those agonizing, painful moments
Peppered across dazzling efforts
Meant to assuage the mind’s lingering eye.
You can never outrun them;
Like a nightmare that will haunt you forever.
You can hang onto the rocky precipice for now,
But your foothold will eventually crumble.

It takes patience and inexplicable guts
To hang on to something or someone
For so long,
But sometimes you have to let go.

You slam the lid shut,
Because you cannot take anymore.
You’ve been robbed of your sanity
And thrown naked on the rocks.
But that’s what happens
When you open Pandora’s box….”



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