You are just a book. 

Your friendship is like an old, worn out book. Dust covered jacket, words beginning to fade on crinkled pages. That certain aged smell that comforts whoever opens it and turns the page. They soak you in, drain every ounce of warmth and love you can deliver. Find comfort in your familiarity and peace in your words. 

Then they are done. Bored. You are used up and can no longer offer them what they need. So they put you on a shelf. Forget about you for awhile. Move on to other more appealing ones. Newer ones. More expensive ones. More compact ones that fit their ideas of necessity. 

Until the next time they need a sense of adventure, some sage advice, or maybe a quick laugh that only your stories can provide. 

It is not as if you have feelings or anything. 

You are just a book. 


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